Girl Power

When five young princesses discover magic rings buried in the grounds of their finishing school, they are launched into adventures beyond their wildest dreams. Set sail with Topaz, Jade, Coral, Pearl and Opal as they embrace the Princess Pirates' code of friendship, loyalty, magic and girl power!

A Unique Brand for Girls

  • Life is out there

    Encouraging girls to get outside and experience new adventures.
  • Beautiful on the inside

    Empowering girls to feel good from the inside out.
  • Girl power!

    Anything boys can do, girls can do too!
  • Classic genres collide

    Princess and pirate themes merge for maximum appeal.

A Global Strategy

  • International Publishing Programme

    Book publishing programme launched in 2015.
  • Brand Extension Programme

    A treasure trove of opportunities including arts and crafts, apparel, accessories, digital media, toys and party-ware.
  • Building the Buzz!

    Launch publishing partners in UK, Australia, Spain and Germany..